Saturday, April 23, 2016

Playing with Babies

Hey guys! I downloaded the blogger app on my phone, and today's post is as much a test of the app as it is an actual post about things worth writing about. If this app works well, it might allow me to post more often when I have a bit of free time but am not able to pull out my computer to write a proper post (such as on the train).
Yesterday Kazu and I went to my friend Rumi and her husband Kousuke's house for dinner. They are very, very cool people, basically Japanese hippies. Many Japanese people are very proper and polite all the time and it comes across as 'uptightness' and can be stiffling after a while, but Rumi and Kousuke are soooo chill that I always love hanging out with them. They have 3 children, Hana (not pictured, a 3rd grade girl who is very responsible for her age and loves ballet), Midori (the 3 year old girl in the picture, she likes origami but she can't do it right so she always tapes the paper in the shape she wants) and Kiisuke (the youngest and only boy, he's 10 months old now).
We had a lot of fun chatting with Rumi and Kousuke and some other friends of theirs who dropped by randomly, and also playing with the kids, especially Midori (nickname 'Mido-chan'). Kazu is especially smitten with Midori because she has naturally brownish hair and is a tiny bit chubby, and he's convinced our future daughter will be just like her. Midori loves him too and it was a running joke last night that Midori is going to steal my husband from me. He sat her on his lap and combed her hair and even taught her how to wash dishes after dinner. I know that Kazu is going to be a wonderful father!
I really want children, though we really can't afford them now. I can barely manage running the household and working fulltime and paying proper attention (spending time with) Kazu as it is, nevermind also having to take care of a baby! But we can't afford for me not to work, and there is no one to watch the baby for me if I went to work part-time. If and when we have a baby, it will have to go into daycare full-time almost from birth, which is too sad. Even so, I am 27 years old now and I want to have my first baby before I'm 30 and I want to finish having babies by 35. Ideally I'd like one boy and one girl. Kazu also agrees with this goal, though of course these things rarely go as planned. We will see what the future brings! For now, we have to work on getting officially married and changing my name.

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